Naming Conventions

Below are names and certain naming conventions of each race.

Baelig Names (Male)
Male Names: Alf, Ari, Arn, Asbjørn, Asleik, Bjarni, Bjørn, Dag, Eirik, Eldar, Erik, Erling, Floke, Frode, Gardar, Gaute, Gilling, Gjermund, Haakon, Haarek, Halfdan, Halvard, Harald, Herjulf, Hyrning, Inge, Ingolf, Jan, Jarl, Knut, Kaare, Leif, Leiv, Magne, Magnus, Odvar, Olaf, Olav, Olmod, Olve, Orm, Ottar, Ragnar, Ragnvald, Rolf, Rörek, Sigurd, Sigvald, Sigvat, Snorre, Stein, Svein, Tor, Torbjørn, Tore, Tormod, Torolv, Torulf, Tryggve, Ulf, Ulv, Vidar

Baelig Names (Female)
Female Names: Alfhild, Anna, Anne, Aslaug, Astrid, Bjørg, Brynhild, Dis, Ella, Ellisif, Freya, Frid, Frida, Gerd, Gunhild, Gunn, Gyda, Helga, Herborg, Hervor, Hilda, Hilde, Holmfrid, Idun, Inga, Ingebjørg, Ingrid, Kari, Liv, Odveig, Olaug, Olrun, Ragnhild, Sif, Sigrid, Sigrun, Siv, Tora, Torbjørg, Torhild, Trud, Tyra, Ulfhild, Var, Vigdis

Family names: The Baelig generally do not use family names. A newborn baby is given a first name and the name of his/her father with the suffix “son” (son) or “dottir” (daughter) added, will be his last name. So a child of Vidar would be named either Vidarsson or Vidarsdottir. In the case of the Boendr and their House, the -son and -dottir still comes into play with the additional title of, Blood/Blood/Child/Kin/Scion of (Eldest Male Founder of the House). So, A Boendr child of Vidar name Olaf would be Olaf Vidarsson, Scion of Ingolf the Fat.

Thurnskine Names
Male names: Beli, Blain, Fjolkald, Hati, Hrimgrimnir, Hrimnir, Hrungnir, Mithvitnir, Svaran, Thrym, Varkald, Vindkald.

Female names: Fenja, Gunnloth, Heith, Hrimgerth, Hyndla, Jarnsaxa, Menja, Rind.

Naming conventions: The Thurnskine, if not given a distinctly Baelig name, are generally named in Old Baeloc or Wildertongue, and any true names they have for themselves tend to be of ancient and dead giants, from whom some believe they can trace lineage. Thurnskine are fond of nicknames, as few are allowed surnames, and provided they compliment their power and skills they may even enjoy the company of the one who called them such.

Dauerkul Names
Male Names: Arrlis, Berrse, Derrsly, Flerrsy, Grissle, Rerry, Riussu, Silrro, Sirrim, Sram, Sroro.

Female Names: Frollsa, Glarrsia, Rassra, Sissra.

Naming conventions: The Dauerkul often take Baelig names for themselves, but those often raised in a Dauerkul community find themselves given names that are combinations of Baelig words and traits. All of which can also be said very fast and can be easily read on one’s lips if need be. Dauerkul are rarely allowed to keep their parent’s surnames and often find themselves taking a trade name as a surname, as well as nicknames.

Naming Conventions

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