Cadets are bondsmen-in-training. They are either trained in barracks and mercenary camps by their betters or they may receive direct tutelage by participating on the field. Although cadets do learn to fight, the focus of their training is leadership. Some come from powerful families, but this is by no means a given. Those who earned a place with battlefield exploits are more respected because they have lived war, not just read about it in books.

Main Profile
WS: +5
BS: +5
S: -
T: -
Ag: +5
Int: +10
WP: +5
Fel: +10
Secondary Profile
A: -
W: +2
Skills: Academic Knowledge (Strategy/Tactics), Command, Common Knowledge (Any two regions), Perception, Read/Write, Ride, Speak Secret Language (Old Baeloc).

Talents: Disarm, Savvy or Warrior Born.

Trappings: Sturdy Aketon or Banded Mail, Shield, House or Company Colors.

Career Entries: Bodyguard, Jailer, Pitfighter, Student.

Career Exits: Bondsman, Marauder, Bounty Hunter, Abbey Guard, Sellsword.


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