The Zealot is something to both fear and admire. Fearing a zealot lets you know what brought him or her low into the house of the Gods. A rampaging horde of Wildermen raiders, slavers and rapists, conniving merchant con-men, or a powerful Boendr carrying away wife or daughter to play at being a whore before her throat gets cut. Admiring a Zealot allows one to see that even though so much has been taken away from them, they still have an iron conviction and devotion to the Gods. They find solace in preaching with angry or saddened words, and comfort in wandering in tattered clothes, seeking out that which brought them low and proclaiming judgement. Redemption is gained through blood, their own or that of their enemies, and though they may not be well trained they have a burning fury in their faith which cuts just as well.

Main Profile
WS: +10
BS: -
S: +5
T: +10
Ag: -
Int: -
WP: +10
Fel: +5
Secondary Profile
A: -
W: +2

Skills: Academic Knowledge (Theology), Charm, Common Knowledge (Region of Origin), Intimidate, Read/Write.

Talents: Coolheaded or Very Strong, Hardy or Suave, Public Speaking, Specialist Weapon Group (Flail).

Trappings: Mace or Dagger (Rusty quality), Tattered Clothes, Bottle of Spirits.

Career Entries: Beggar, Initiate, Champion at Arms, Prisoner, Tradesman.

Career Exits: Abbot, Anchorite, Initiate, Friar, Mediator, Sellsword.


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