Wealth and Equipment

Wealth in Baelland is rarely kept in vaults, as it’s rarely held in gold. The most common forms of wealth are likely to be thralls, livestock, and services; as these things do not deplete in condition (if treated right, anyhow) for a decent number of years. A coin purse may do you well in a large city, but in the rural countryside or in areas which have a surplus of coin in their coffers, a well-trained dog or a three day stint on guard duty will be worth quite more than some pieces of eight.

The three forms of coinage are Gold, Silver, and Copper. Objects made of these materials may be worth more than the objects themselves, so melting them down into bullion or your own coins may profit you more in the long run. Coinage also has weight, 10 coins weigh 1 lb, just out of simplicity. Be aware that you might not be able to pay certain individuals with higher quality coins due to their inability to break them down to benefit the community without paying moneychangers.

50 copper = 1 silver. 50 silver = 1 Gold.

Most armor and weaponry is hard to come by. While every farmer will always keep a weapon to defend himself and his family, it’s likely an inferior piece that will fail him in proper combat. Armor is rare enough as it is, as it takes a fine craftsmen to make a set that will protect it’s wearer from even the slightest of wounds. These items are more easy to come across in cities or to be sold by mercenaries in need of some spare coin or food. Even then, purchasing weapons and armor may make locals suspicious of your intentions.

Wealth and Equipment

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