Tradesmen are skilled laborers and craftsmen. Although they tend to cluster together in cities, they can also be found in villages across the realms. They provide many of the goods used by Merchants when trading abroad, and are valued as an important part of the economy. Tradesmen include apothecaries, armorers, bowyers, brewers, calligraphers, carpenters, cartographers, gem cutters, locksmiths, herbalists, peddlers, shipwrights, smiths, stoneworkers, tailors, and weaponsmiths. Each trade has its own guild, though not all guilds have local chapters.

Main Profile
WS: -
BS: -
S: +5
T: +5
Ag: +10
Int: +5
WP: +10
Fel: -
Secondary Profile
A: -
W: +2

Skills: Animal Care or Gossip, Drive, Haggle, Evaluate, Perception, Read/Write, Secret Language
(Guild Tongue), Trade (any two)

Talents: Dealmaker or Savvy

Trappings: Light Armour (Leather Jerkin), Trade Tools.

Career Entries: Bawd, Brickburner, Butcher, Camp Thrall, Cartographer, Fisherman, Farmer, Forester, Merchant, Whaler, Whore

Career Exits: Artisan, Cartographer, Engineer, Envoy, Farmer, Merchant, Conscript, Zealot


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