Thus often the evil monsters
thronging threatened. With thrust of my sword,
the darling, I dealt them due return!
Nowise had they bliss from their booty then
to devour their victim, vengeful creatures,
seated to banquet at bottom of sea;
but at break of day, by my brand sore hurt,
on the edge of ocean up they lay,
put to sleep by the sword. And since, by them
on the fathomless sea-ways sailor-folk
are never molested.

The Thurnskine were born into the world as a product of man and monster, and ever since they’ve been both feared and hated by mankind for what they are and do. A Thurnskine is born when a man has brutalized the woman he lays with or when a woman lays with a beast or a monster, and upon it’s birth the mother invariably dies as the sizable infant rips apart her nether regions and emerges into the world. A full grown Thurnskine is about eight feet tall, with scabrous and filthy skin, wiry hair, and gnarled, long, fingers. Male Thurnskine sport long beards before the age of ten. Those that are born into the wild, often amongst the Wildermen, are seen as potential war chiefs and raised in brutal manners befitting such a savage people. They sometimes wear animal pelts upon their naked backs and charge into battle, where they attack with ravenous fury and are called “Aulwrakine”, which means “Old torturous thing” by the Baellig. Those that are born into more polite society and are given a chance at living a life beyond brutality, are often forced to til fields or serve a Boendr or Freeman as a servant and -bodyguard. Though an uncommon sight in the civilized realms of Baelland, folklore and tall tales curse them enough for them to be shunned and avoided by the race of Man.

Starting Social Castes. Roll 1d100
1-45: Thrall – Many Thurnskine find themselves as thralls, used for war.
46-49: Vikti – Thurnskine that show strangely large intellect or magical prowess are an oddity.
50-95: Freemen – Many Thurnskine are free, often because they do not adhere to Baellig society.
96-100: Boendr – Though very rare, the occasional Thurnskine may gain rank and power as a Boendr.

Starting Statistics
WS: 30+2d10
BS: 20+2d10
S: 30+2d10
T: 25+2d10
Ag: 20+2d10
Int: 10+2d10
WP: 20+2d10
Fel: 10+2d10
Attacks: 1
Wounds: 1d10. Results:(1-3: 11, 4-6: 12, 7-9: 13, 10: 14)
Strength Bonus: Equal to first digit of Strength.
Toughness Bonus: Equal to first digit of Toughness.
Movement: 5

Starting Skills: Common Knowledge (Region of Origin), Speak Language (Baellig).

Starting Talents: Choose Any TWO.

  • Fearless – You are crazy or brave enough to know no fear. You are immune to Fear and treat Terror as Fear. You take the effects of the Intimidate skill as two degrees of success less when used against you.
  • Frightening – You have a frightening appearance and can cause Fear if you succeed an Intimidate check. The subject of this fear cannot move, fight, dodge, or take any other actions in combat unless they pass a Will Power test to overcome their fear. Or kill you.
  • Hardy – You gain a permanent +1 bonus to your Wounds.

Flaws of the Thurnskine: Bound to the Bottle, Childhood Disease, Crippled, Cruel Insanity, Cursed, Debted, Disturbing Habit, Dullard, Eunuch, Fat, Frail, Forgetful, Furious, Haughty, Honor-Bound, Ignoble, Impaired Senses, Inept, Lascivious, Marked, Maimed, Mute, Naive, Nemesis, Outcast, Poor Health, Reviled, Sickly, Supreme Arrogance, Threatening.



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