Upon character creation you gain all the Talents of your starting career. As you advance and change careers you can buy new talents for 100XP. You can buy any Talent in your career’s talent list or that you have the Prerequisites for.

Acute Hearing
Your hearing is exceptionally good. You gain + 20 on Perception Skill tests that involve listening.

You are attuned to otherworldly forces and can manipulate them with ease. You gain a + 10 bonus on Channeling and Magic Sense Skill Tests.

Alley Cat
You are at home on the streets, gaining + 10 to Concealment and Silent Move Skill tests in Urban Locations.

Prerequisites: Agility 30.
You can use either hand equally well. You do not take the normal –20 penalty for making attacks with your secondary hand.
Special: If you have the Two-Weapon Wielder talent, the penalty for making attacks with both weapons in the same Turn drops to –10.

Arcana Academic
You have studied under a vikti sage, read sacred tomes, or gained some unholy knowledge which has gifted you control over a Lore of Magic. The Lores are: Beasts, Death, Fire, Fate, Life, Runes, Plagues, and Undeath.

Armored Casting
Your training helps you cast spells while wearing armor. Your Casting Roll penalty while wearing armor is reduced by 3 when casting spells. Example: Sigrun the Seer is wearing a chain byrine and casting a spell, the byrine usually gives a -3 penalty, but with this talent the penalty would be reduced to 0.

Armor of the Norn
Prerequisites: Willpower 40
The Norn have other plans for you and you will not fall to the Shadows so quickly. Whenever you would gain Corruption Points, reduce the amount you would earn by 1. In addition, you may Test Willpower as a Free Action to ignore the effects of your accumulated Corruption for one Round.

You have true creative talent. You gain + 20 to Trade (Artist) Tests, and + 10 on Evaluate tests made on objects of artistic value.

Assassin Strike
Prerequisites: Agility 40, Acrobatics.
You are the honed blade who seeks out the hearts of your enemies like a wolf hunts a rabbit. You sway and shift between enemies so you may better flank your victim. Whenever you engage an opponent and make a melee attack, you may make an Acrobatics Test to move at your Half Move rate as a Free Action. Your opponent may not take the customary free attack.

Battle Rage
Prerequisites: Frenzy talent (or Furious Flaw).
Despite your frenzied nature, you remain in control when engaging in melee. You can spend reactions to Parry while Frenzied.

Berserk Charge
You hurl yourself at your enemies with reckless abandon, using the force of your Charge to add force to your strikes. When you make a Charge maneuver you gain a + 20 bonus to Weapon Skill instead of the usual + 10.

Blackest Hate
Prerequisites: Hatred (any).
You are so impassioned in your hatred that you can rouse others to similar heights of emotion. As a Full Action, you may make a Charm Test to extend the effects of your Hatred talent to those around you. A successful Test grants a + 10 bonus to Weapon Skill Tests to one target per point of your Fellowship Bonus when fighting your hated foes. The effects last for the duration of the encounter.

Prerequisites: Weapon Skill 45
Your mastery of sword and axe is unsurpassed and your edge always strikes red. When attacking with a bladed weapon of any type, you may re-roll a missed attack once per Round.

Blind Fighting
Prerequisites: Weapon Skill 50, Perception + 10.
Through years of practice and heightening your senses, you no longer need to be able to see your opponents to be able to hit them. You take half the usual penalties when fighting in environments that obscure your vision, such as fog, smoke and darkness.

Prerequisites: Toughness 30
Either through mental and physical conditioning or long years of abuse, your body has built up a tolerance to chemicals. When drinking alcohol or similar beverages, you do not pass out until you have failed a number of Toughness Tests equal to twice your Toughness Bonus. You also gain a + 10 bonus to tests made to continue using drugs within 24 hours

Prerequisites: Agility 30.
You are nimble and balanced, like a cat, and are able to fall much greater distances unharmed than others might. Whenever you fall, you may Test Agility as a Free Action. On a success, and for every degree of success, reduce the distance fallen by a number of yards equal to your Agility Bonus for the purposes of determining the Damage dealt by the fall.

Combat Master
Prerequisites: Weapon Skill 35,
Through a combination of reflex and perception you are able to keep many more opponents at bay in melee than a lesser skilled warriors might. Opponents fighting you in hand-to-hand gain no bonuses for outnumbering you.

You can bend and manipulate your body in unnatural ways. You gain + 10 on relevant Performer Skill Tests and + 20 on Agility Tests made to escape from bonds, squeeze through narrow openings and etcetera.

You gain a permanent + 5 bonus to your Will Power characteristic.

Prerequisites: Weapon Skill 40.
You are skilled at switching from defense to attack in the blink of an eye. When you successfully Parry an opponent’s attack, you may immediately make an attack against that opponent using the weapon with which you Parried. This attack takes a –20 penalty to the Test.

Crack Shot
Prerequisites: Ballistic Skill 40.
You are able to target your shots at the places where they will inflict more harm. When your ranged attack deals Critical Damage, you deal an extra 2 points.

Crippling Strike
Prerequisites: Weapon Skill 50.
You are able to land your blows in the spot where they will inflict the most harm. Whenever you deal Critical Damage to an opponent using a melee weapon, you may deal an additional 1d5–1 points.

Crushing Blow
Prerequisites: Strength 40.
Your melee strikes land with force enough to shatter bone. You add + 2 to Damage you inflict in melee.

Dark Soul
Your soul is darkly stained, making you resilient to the effects of Corruption. Whenever you are called to make a Corruption Test, you take half the normal penalty.

Deadeye Shot
Prerequisites: Ballistic Skill 30.
You are a skilled archer and you always hit the enemy where you intended to. When making a Called Shot, you take only a –10 penalty instead of the normal –20.

You are a slick-talking businessman who can close a deal. You gain + 10 on Evaluate and Haggle Skill Tests.

Die Hard
Prerequisites: Willpower 40.
It takes more than most to finish you off. When you suffer from Blood Loss, you may roll twice to avoid death.

Disarm *
Prerequisites*_: Agility 30.
You are able to knock your opponent’s weapons from their hands. When engaged with an opponent wielding a melee weapon, you may use a Full Action to disarm your foe by making an Opposed Weapon Skill Test. If you beat your opponent, he drops his weapon to his feet. Should you get three or more degrees of success, you not only disarm him but also manage to grab the weapon for yourself.

Double Team
You fight best shoulder to shoulder with a loyal ally. When ganging up on an opponent with an ally, you gain an additional + 10 bonus to Weapon Skill Tests. If you both have this Talent you both gain an additional + 10 bonus, for a total of + 20. This bonus is in addition to the normal bonuses gained from outnumbering an opponent.

Dual Strike
Prerequisites: Agility 40, Two- Weapon Wielder.
You are able to focus your melee attacks to maximise the impact. When armed with two melee weapons, you can attack with both simultaneously as a Full Action. Make a single Weapon Skill Test. On a success, you hit the target with both weapons.

You are well versed in the social graces of the rich and powerful. You gain a + 10 bonus on Charm and Gossip skills when dealing with the Boendr or anyone of similar social power.

Excellent Vision
Your eyes are sharp as a hawk. You gain + 10 on Perception and Lip Reading Skill Tests.

Fast Hands
You are skilled at performing touch actions while casting spells in combat. You gain + 20 to your Weapon Skill when casting touch spells.

You are a penitent man in need of flagellation to better keep out all the foul corrupting influences of the world.. Each day, you must spend twenty minutes praying and inflicting 1 point of Damage upon yourself. You may not treat this Damage or allow it to be healed. Once you have castigated your flesh, you gain a + 10 bonus to Willpower Tests made to resist mind control or Corruption. Additionally, if you have the Frenzy talent, you may enter a frenzied state as a Free Action. Should you fail to flagellate yourself on any given day, you take a –5 penalty to all Tests due to shame and guilt.

When your life is on the lie you are able to flee with an impressive burst of stamina. While running from combat you gain a + 1 bonus to your Movement Characteristic for 1d10 rounds.

Fleet Footed
You gain a permanent + 1 to your Movement Characteristic.

Prerequisites: Intelligence 30.
You are adept at identifying the consequences of any action. If you take some time to consider what you are doing, you can deduce the best action for success. You may spend ten minutes contemplating a problem to gain a + 10 bonus to your next relevant Intelligence Test.

You can incite yourself into a frothing rage. You must spend one Round psyching yourself up (howling, beating yourself or consuming mind-altering substances). The next round you lose control and go berserk, gaining a + 10 bonus to Strength and Willpower but a –10 penalty to Weapon Skill and Intelligence. You must attack the nearest enemy in melee combat and you may not flee, retreat or Parry. When possible, you must use the All- Out Attack Maneuver. You remain frenzied for the duration of the combat.

You have a frightening appearance and can cause Fear if you succeed an Intimidate check. The subject of this fear cannot move, fight, dodge, or take any other actions in combat unless they pass a Will Power test to overcome their fear. Or kill you.

Furious Assault
Prerequisites: Weapon Skill 35.
Your blows follow one another in quick succession, raining down on your opponents like fiery bolts. Whenever you hit an opponent whilst using the All- Out Attack Maneuver, you may spend your Reaction to make an extra attack (this extra attack retains any bonuses or penalties of the original attack).

Good Reputation
Prerequisites: Fellowship 50, Peer.
Talent Groups: City (Specific), Race/Tribe, Warband (Specific), Guild (Specific), Cult (Specific), Underworld.
You are well respected within your social group or organisation. You gain an additional + 10 bonus to Fellowship Tests when dealing with this group. This Talent is cumulative with the Peer talent, for a total of a + 20 bonus.

Hard Target
Prerequisites: Agility 40.
The best way to stay alive is to keep on moving, no matter what might come your way. Whenever you Charge or Run, all opponents take a –20 penalty to Ballistic Skill Tests made to hit you with a ranged weapon. This penalty lasts until the start of your next Turn.

Hardened Warrior
Prerequisites: Toughness 40.
For the purposes of removing Damage, you are always considered to be Lightly Wounded.

You gain a permanent + 1 bonus to your Wounds

Talent Groups: Criminals, Cult (specific), Monster (Specific), Warband (Specific), Guild, Caste, Race/Tribe.
You have reason to hate one particular race or organization, and your malice hones your melee attacks. Choose one race or group from those listed above. When fighting opponents that qualify as members of that group, you gain a + 10 bonus to all Weapon Skill Tests made to attack them.

Hedge Magic
You are a self-taught caster who uses the lore of the wilds and learns by trial and error. You can cast Petty Magic (Hedge) spells. You must roll an extra d10 when casting spells, this does not factor into your casting roll but it does factor into the Wrath of the Gods. Once you can speak a Magic Language you no longer have to roll the extra dice.

Heightened Senses
Talent Groups: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch.
One of your senses is better than average. When you gain this Talent, select one of the five senses. You gain a + 10 bonus to any Tests involving this sense.

Hell and Back
Prerequisites: Willpower 35, Fellowship 30, Iron Discipline.
Such is the fervor and loyalty you inspire in your followers that they would follow you wherever you lead, even to the frozen crown of the world. Whilst you are visible to them, your minions are immune to Fear and Pinning.

Iron Discipline
Prerequisites: Willpower 30, Command.
Not through mercy and kindness but through a stern demeanor and a sense of justice do you inspire loyalty in your followers. So long as you are visible to them, your minions may re-roll failed Willpower Tests made to resist Fear and Pinning.

Iron Jaw
Prerequisites: Toughness 40.
You are made of sturdy stuff and can weather minor blows. When you become Stunned you may make a Toughness Test to shrug off its effects.

Prerequisites: Willpower 30.
You’ve grown jaded to the atrocities man and worse can commit in the name of god, glory, and gold. You never gain insanity points from the sight of blood, death, or violence on even a mass scale. Supernatural horrors still affect you as normal.

Keen Senses
You have naturally acute senses, gaining + 20 to Perception Tests.

Leap Up
Prerequisites: Agility 30.
You are hard to keep down. You may stand up as a Free Action.

Light Sleeper
Prerequisites: Perception.
You are a light sleeper and remain alert when most would be fast asleep. You are always assumed to be awake, even if you are asleep, for the purposes of making Awareness Tests, being Surprised or getting up in a hurry. The downside is that you often feel tired during the day and as a result are grumpy or distracted.

Lightning Reflexes
You react like a flash of lightning. When rolling for Initiative, you add twice your Agility Bonus to the roll of 1d10.

Lightning Parry
When making a swift attack, you can forego one of your attacks to gain a free parry. If you had Attacks 3 you could make two attacks and gain one parry with your swift attack action. The limit of one parry per round remains in effect.

You have a way with words. You gain + 10 to Read/Write and Speak Language Skill Tests.

The Norn smile upon your actions. You gain + 1 Fate Point.

You gain a permanent + 5 to your Ballistic Skill Characteristic.

Master Leechmonger
Prerequisites: Heal + 10.
You’re a trained man in the art of medicine and leechmongering. You gain a + 10 bonus on all Heal and Heal Tests. If you are treating a Heavily or Critically Wounded patient, a successful Test heals 2 Wounds instead of the normal 1. If this character is in danger of losing a limb from a Critical Hit, you also provide the patient with a + 20 bonus to the Toughness Test to resist limb loss.

Master Orator
Prerequisites: Fellowship 30.
You are skilled at speaking to large audiences. Your Fellowship Tests and Fellowship-based Skill Tests can affect 10 times the normal number of people.

By putting your mind at rest and entering a trance you can repair the hurts of your body. You must succeed on a Willpower Test. If so, for every ten minutes you remain in a trance, you remove one level of Fatigue.

You have an imposing presence due to size, demeanor, or appearance. You gain + 10 to Intimidate and Torture Skill Tests.

You gain a +10 bonus to Performer (Actor, Comedian, Jester, Storyteller) Skill Tests, Disguise Skill Tests if the disguise has a verbal component and Speak Language Skill Tests when trying to pass as a native of a specific country.

Mighty Shot
You know how to target missile attacks to do extra damage. You gain a + 1 bonus to damage rolls with arrows and slings.

Natural Weapons
You have gnarled claws or sharp teeth that can apart flesh. When attacking without a weapon you count as being armed with a hand weapon. You cannot parry with your natural weapons. You cannot be disarmed.

Night Vision
You can see extremely well in natural darkness at distances up to 30 yards. The talent doesn’t work in total darkness, requiring illumination equivalent to starlight to function.

You have an instinctive feel for direction. You rarely get lost and always know which way is north. You gain + 10 to Navigation Skill Tests.

Prerequisites: Fellowship 30.
Talent Groups: Academics, Boendr, Freemen, Thralls, Flagellants, Clergy, Guild, Guard, Warband, Shipping, Underworld.
You have a specific friend inside a faction, caste, or organization. You gain a + 10 bonus to all Fellowship Tests when interacting with your chosen group, and + 15 when dealing with the specific peer.

Precise Blow
Prerequisites: Weapon Skill 40, Sure Strike.
You are skilled at making difficult strikes. When making a Called Shot with a melee weapon, you do not incur the normal –20 penalty.

Public Speaking
You can affect 10 times as many people when using the Charm skill.

Quick Draw
You are quick to the draw, able to have a weapon in your hand and ready for combat in the blink of an eye. You can ready your weapons as a Free Action.

Rapid Reload
You can reload ranged weapons with practiced ease. You can reduce the reload time of all missile weapons by a half action. If it were already a half action, it is now a free action. You can also make swift attacks with such weapons.

Resistance to Disease
You gain a + 10% bonus on Toughness test to resist Diseases.

Resistance to Poison
You gain a + 10% bonus on Toughness test to resist Poisoning..

You are at home in the wild, gaining + 10 on Concealment and Silent Move Skill Tests made in rural locations.

You gain a permanent + 5 bonus to your Intelligence.

You are a master of personal politics. You gain a + 10 bonus on intrigue-related Charm Tests and on Will Power Tests to resist the Charm of others.

Seasoned Traveler
You have extensive travel experience. You gain + 10 on Common Knowledge and Speak Language Skill Tests.

Specialist Weapon Training
You know how to use weapons with great skill and training and can apply to any specific group of weapons. When you use this weapon you gain a + 5 bonus to either Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill Characteristic tests.

Prerequisites: Agility 40, Flee!.
You are able to put on a burst of speed to get out of—or into—trouble fast. When taking the Full Move action, you may move an extra number of yards equal to your Agility Bonus. When taking the Run action, you may double your Movement for one Round. If you use this Talent two turns in a row, you gain one level of Fatigue.

Step Aside
Prerequisites: Agility 40, Dodge.
You are quick at getting out of the way of attacks. You may make an additional Dodge once per Round. In effect this gives a character a second Reaction that may only be used to Dodge, thus allowing them to make two Dodges in a Turn. Note they may still only attempt a single Dodge against any one attack.

You are exceptionally brave. You gain a + 10 bonus to resist Fear and Terror and on Will Power Tests to resist Intimidate attempts.

Street Fighting
You are a master of dirty tricks such as the low punch and the knife in the gut. When dealing Critical Damage with an unarmed attack or knife, you deal + 2 points of Damage.

You know how to get by on the streets. You gain a + 10 bonus to Charm and Gossip when dealing with the criminal underworld.

Strike Mighty Blow
You know how to target melee attacks so they do extra damage. You gain + 1 on damage rolls with melee weapons.

Strike to Injure
You’re an expert at targeting your enemies’ most vulnerable areas. The Critical Value of any Critical Hits you inflict is increased by 1.

Strike to Stun
If you hit with a melee attack you may attempt to stun your opponent instead of inflicting damage. First you must make a Strength Test. If that is successful, your opponent must make a Toughness Test, with a + 10 bonus for each AP on his head. If he fails, he is stunned for 1d10 rounds. Stunned characters cannot take actions or dodge.

You are resilient to sanity-blasting events. You don’t have to check for Insanity until you have 8 Insanity Points, and you don’t automatically get a mental illness until you have 14 IPs.

You have a brawny physique. You do not suffer any movement penalties while wearing heavy armor.

You gain a permanent + 5 Fellowship.

Super Numerate
You have a gift for calculations and mathematical solution. You gain + 10 to Gamble and Navigation Skill Tests and + 20 to Perception Tests involve estimation.

Sure Strike
Prerequisites: Weapon Skill 30.
You strike with precision, landing your blows wherever you intend them to hit. When determining where you hit an opponent with a melee attack, you may use the dice as you rolled them or reverse them, choosing the location you prefer. For example, Bjorn the Bondsman rolls a 37 to hit a brigandk. Ordinarily, Bjorn would strike location 73—the right leg— but because he has the Sure Strike talent, he could choose to hit the scoundrel in location 37—the body.

You are an agile combatant. You can use the Jump/Leap action as a half action and you increase the distance of all leaps by 1 yard.

You are skilled at taking an opponent alive. As a Half Action you may declare that you are attempting to Takedown an opponent before Testing Weapon Skill. If you hit and do at least 1 point of Damage, this damage is ignored and your opponent must make a Toughness Test or be Stunned for one Round.

Talent Groups: All Skills. Choose any one of your Skills.
You gain a + 10 bonus to Tests when using this Skill.

You are an expert at dealing with traps. You gain + 10 to Perception and Pick Lock Tests involving the locating and disarming of traps.

Trick Riding
You can leap from horse to horse, ride while standing, or other such things. You need only to take a Ride Skill test in the most extreme circumstances, and even then you gain a + 10 bonus.

Tunnel Rat
You are at home beneath the earth. You gain a + 10 bonus on Concealment and Silent Move Skill Tests when in underground locations.

Two-Weapon Wielder
Prerequisites: Weapon Skill 35, Agility 35.
When armed with two weapons of a particular type, you may spend a Full Action to attack with both weapons on your turn. Each Test made to attack with the weapons takes a –20 penalty.

Your daunting presence disturbs your opponents. Enemies must make a successful Will Power Test on seeing you or suffer a -10 penalty to their Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill. They may overcome the effect this talent has on them each round until they either make it or are out of sight of you.

Very Resilient
You gain a + 5 bonus to your Toughness.

Very Strong
You gain a permanent + 5 to your Strength.

Wall of Steel
Prerequisites: Agility 35.
Your blades are so quick that they form a wall of impenetrable steel. You may make an additional Parry once per Round. In effect, this gives a character a second Reaction that may only be used to Parry, thus allowing them to make two Parries in a Turn. Note they may still only attempt a single Parry against any one attack.

Warrior Born
You gain + 5 to your Weapon Skill Characteristic.

You are an expert grappler. You can make an unarmed attack with + 10 bonus to Weapon Skill when attempting to grapple. Furthermore, you gain + 10 on grappling Strength Tests.


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