Skara Skael

Skara Skael
Size: Medium.
Walls: Natural Stone.
Layout: Built into coastal crags and caves.

Famous For: It’s natural protection.
Nearest Tavern: The Iron Crab, near the coast.

Guards: Find Bribes Insulting
Locals: Somewhat Shy
Crime: Above Average (Smuggling)
Economic Base: Fishing
Main Catch: Salmon, Shark, Swordfish.
Economy: Average, but Growing.

Government: Steward Aeric & The Cairn King.
Major Influence: Ghost Legion and the Old Faith
Corruption: below average.

Religious Influence: Average, (Wilderking, Fool in the Moon, King of All Rats)

Streets: Quiet save for the crashing of ocean waves.
Buildings: Generally small and made of stone.

The City of Skara Skael is built into the rocks of the coast and easily disguised from foreign invaders and easily worn against the batter-some winds and fierce waves. Though not an ideal port town, it survives and manages well. Most of the homes are built into the walls of the city, with some lean-to shacks built outside the protection of the walls to allow for the growing populace. Boendr-Jarl Rayeck, the Cairn King, maintains life in a stone tower, rarely leaving it. He has allegedly gone mad. The mainstay of the city are maintained by the guildmasters and Aeric Far-Seeker, the City Steward.

The people of Skara Skael are generally kind, if a little xenophobic. They’re fishermen and whalers at heart, honest folk who don’t want to play into higher politics and land wars. Steward Aeric is an educated man and well liked by the people, though some of the minor Boendr distrust a Freemen holding their oaths. Jarl Rayeck’s alleged descent into madness has led to many pale strangers wandering into town on stormy nights who call themselves the Ghost Legion. These men appear to be an army and occasionally recruit or purchase one or two thralls who wish to join them before vanishing away on a foggy evening.

The Iron Crab is perhaps the largest building in Skara Skael. It was originally a warehouse for trade goods before a section of it’s flooring collapsed into the sea. It was purchased by some inventive Freemen who turned the warehouse into a tavern with a natural crab-filled water hold for the guests to feed from.

Skara Skael

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