Skalds are the keepers of lore, the chroniclers of the histories of the North. Part entertainer, part warrior, these individuals are held in high esteem for their wisdom and knowledge. All Kings keep Skalds in their retinues, as do most Jarls. When the call for war is sounded, the Skald bears the banner and marches to battle with his comrades.

Main Profile
WS: +5
BS: -
S: +5
T: -
Ag: +5
Int: +10
WP: +5
Fel: +10
Secondary Profile
A: -
W: +2

Skills: Academic Knowledge (History), Blather, Charm, Common Knowledge (Home Region), Common Knowledge (Mythology), Gossip, Perception, Performer (any two), Speak Language (Wildertongue), Haggle or Ventriloquism.

Talents: Mimic, Public Speaking, Savvy, Suave

Trappings: Rusty Hand Weapon, Battered Shield, Battered Light Armour (Leather Jack and Leather Skullcap), Banner, Several Scrolls Recounting the Histories of the Character’s Tribe.

Career Entries: Bondsman, Scribe, Sellsword

Career Exits: Berserker, Freeholder, Marauder, Reaver, Sellsword, Seer.


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