Services are performed by hirelings, who can be drawn from any social caste. Payment for a hireling is always negotiable but in general it follows this scheme:
Boendrs – 25 Silver a Month
Freemen – 5 Silver a Month
Thralls – 15 Copper a Month
Vikti – 5 Silver a Month

In addition, all hirelings expect to be given the basic supplies to perform their trade. A blacksmith may have his own set of tools, but without metal, a forge, and bellows; he cannot properly perform his trade. If you are hiring a hireling within a town for a month, he has access to supplies, though he may charge you for basic materials such as metal or fabric if performing a job above Sturdy or Balanced quality.

Availability represents the chance of finding these services available in any given town. While it’s easy to find general labor in any thorp or hamlet, finding an Alchemist in the middle of nowhere is likely impossible unless you know of the specific vikti by name and he is known for his studies in the middle of nowhere.

Also bare in mind, the less available a job is, the more likely the hireling will ask for higher pay. Less available jobs imply more study and training is needed to perform them, and though a general laborer could perform the deeds (within reason), they’ll not be as skilled at it and it may take longer.

Service Availability Description
Alchemist Unique Makers of potions and chemicals.
Animal Tender Medium Trainers, handlers and caretakers for beasts of burden.
Architect Medium A designer of great and small things.
Armorer Low One who repairs and manufactures armor. Can make 40 items a month.
Baker High One who bakes breads.
Barber-Surgeon Low One who cuts hair and can perform basic healing.
Barman Medium One who serves drinks in taverns and manages bills. May serve as an innkeeper.
Bather High One who bathes soldiers, animals, and provides “company”.
Bellmaker Low A maker of bells.
Blacksmith Medium A basic metalworker who can care for up to 40 men or horses.
Bucklemaker Medium One who makes buckles needed by armorers and other craftsmen.
Butcher Common A slaughterer of animals.
Carpenter Common A general woodworker.
Cartographer Unique A maker of maps, accuracy may vary.
Chandler Medium A maker of candles.
Clerk Medium A general manager of books and accounts.
Cook Common A cook skilled in the arts of preparing food that is suitable for consumption.
Cooper Medium A barrelmaker.
Cutler Low A maker of small knives.
Entertainer Medium A general entertainer of various fields.
Fishmonger Common A catcher, buyer, and seller of fish.
Fletcher Medium A crafter of arrows and bows.
Furrier Medium A catcher and skinner of furred animals.
Glassblower Low A maker of glass items.
Glovemaker Low A maker of gloves. Generally only found in cities.
Guide Common A guide to local wilderness or cities, knows the roads.
Harnessmaker Common A maker of harnesses for dray animals.
Hatmaker Medium A maker of hats.
Innkeeper Unique One who manages a house of lodging and entertainment. May double as a barman
Jeweler Low An appraiser and cutter of precious metals and gems
Laborer Common A general laborer, can perform many jobs though not at the greatest quality.
Leatherworker Common One who works with leather.
Limner Medium One who paints walls, armor, shields, signs, and heraldic devices.
Linkboy Common One who carries a candle or torch, generally a boy.
Locksmith Low One who works with, crafts, and breaks locks.
Maid Low A nurse, cleaner, and midwife.
Mason Medium A stoneworker.
Matchmaker Medium A crafter of matches, torches and general flaming objects.
Mercer Low A dealer and appraiser of fabrics.
Merchant Medium A general trader, shopkeeper and wholesaler.
Messenger Common One who delivers letters and messages.
Miller Medium A grinder of grains into powder for baking.
Miner Common Someone who digs and tunnels underground.
Misc. Craftsman Common A general craftsman.
Oilmaker Medium A person involved in producing oil for lanterns or cooking.
Painter Unique A creator of fine arts and portraits.
Papermaker Low A metal and leather case used to protect parchement.
Plasterer Medium A mason who works with cements to sturdy walls and exteriors.
Porter Common A laborer who carries things, sets up camp, and performs general labor.
Potter Medium A maker of eathernware vessels.
Roofer Medium A specialized thatcher who works with slate shingles.
Ropemaker Medium A maker of ropes
Rugmaker Medium A maker of rugs.
Saddler Medium A crafter of saddles for animals.
Sailor Common A typical deckhand and mariner.
Sage Unique A vikti, either religious, scholarly, or otherwise.
Scabbardmaker Low a maker of scabbards for bladed weapons.
Scribe Medium One who can read or write for others.
Scroll Caddy Common One who carries scrolls and books for a scribe.
Sculptor Unique One who sculpts great works of art.
Shieldmaker Medium A craftsman who makes shields.
Shipmaster Low A captain of a ship.
Shipwright Low A carpenter specializing in building ships.
Shoemaker Medium A craftsman specialized in making shoes.
Smelter Common A smelter of raw ores.
Sellsword Low A mercenary fighter.
Steward Unique A man who oversees the events of a Hall for his master.
Tailor Medium A general clother.
Tanner Common A worker who tans hides for leatherwork.
Tattoo Artist Unique One who can embed ink into the hides of men.
Thatcher Common One who roofs houses with straw and hay.
Thrall Common A general slave.
Thrall Herd Unique One who manages thralls and prevents escapes.
Valet Low A personal go-fer for a master.
Wagonwright Low A craftsmen who makes wagons and wheels.
Watercarrier Medium A laborer who carries water for his or her master.
Weaponsmith Low A maker of weapons, can produce 40 a month.
Weaver, Basket Common A maker of baskets.
Weaver, Clothing Common A maker of fabrics.
Woodcarver Medium A carpenter specialized in more artistic woodworking.
Woodsman Common A man who cuts down wood for his master.

Animals are a bit different in that once you’ve paid for them, they’re yours to command until they die. But animals tend to eat a bit more food per month, though they can carry much more goods and serve as better watch than most hirelings. Many animals can also graze, which is generally a useful thing. In terms of how much an animal can carry, it is safe to assume an animal can carry it’s weight plus 1/3 of it’s weight without being horrifically burdened.

Animal Cost / Weight Food Per Month Description
Auroch 20sp / 1500 lbs 800lbs per Month (Can graze). A large bull-like creature with shaggy fur, can carry great loads
Dog 15cp / 50 lbs 40lbs per Month (Can forage and eat rotting meats). A dog, man’s best friend, can fight, track and keep watch.
Chicken 3cp / per 4 lbs (up to 12 lbs) 1lb per 5lbs of Chicken per Month (can graze and forage) An easy source of food, lays eggs, doesn’t like the cold
Hawk 1gc / 25lbs 8lbs per Month (Can Hunt, only meat) A trained hawk, must be blinded to enter houses or caves, can scout, hunt, track, and deliver messages
Mule 5sp / 200lbs 400lbs per Month (Can graze). A mule, donkey, or ass. Loyal, willing to enter caves and closed off spaces but not enthusiastic. Can bare a rider or carry loads.
Horse 30sp / 800 lbs 600 lbs per Month (Can graze). A horse can bare a rider or carry loads, doesn’t care for fire or dark places. Can be trained for war. A pony costs half, eats half, and weighs half.
Sheep 40cp / 300 lbs 200lbs per Month (Can graze) A sheep or goat which can be shaved for it’s fur or hair, milked for milk and cheese, or slaughtered for meat.


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