Races of Baelland

The Face of Man

The Race of Man, the frost-battered Baelligs and ravenous Wildermen.

The Race of the Dauerkul, the Dower Children of Plague and Rats.

The Race of the Thurnskine, foul and warped progeny of Man and monster.

The shattered kingdom of Baelland is generally populated by these three races, with the Race of Man taking up the highest population and spawning both the Duaerkul and the Thurnskine from tainted bloodlines, curses, bedding monsters and as acts of vengeance from the Gods. In general, Man is not fond of either Dauerkul or Thurnskine, but this does not stop the occasional mixed race marriage or from either of the lesser races rising to power in an organization.

In ages past, it is alleged that the Ljosaflar, Dvergar, Sidhe and Dokkalafar were things beyond myth and fairy stories and may have even intermingled within the bloodlines of mortal Men.

Races of Baelland

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