Many cities are ruled by petty tyrants who play at ancient, half-forgotten lines for their right to rule; and more often than not the true power of these cities are the Merchants, who run the markets of the free cities and by proxy keep their lords from drowning in poverty. Though none of these shop owners, peddlers, traders and marketfolk would claim themselves a power behind any throne, it is something of an open secret. Provided they keep their betters appeased and line their own pockets as best they can, both parties tend to live without too much bloodshed.

Main Profile
WS: +5
BS: -
S: -
T: -
Ag: +5
Int: +10
WP: +5
Fel: +5
Secondary Profile
A: -
W: +2

Skills: Common Knowledge (Trade) or Consume Alcohol, Drive, Evaluate, Gossip or Read/Write, Haggle, Perception, Search.

Talents: Dealmaker, Savvy or Suave

Trappings: Abacus, Lantern, One Set of Sturdy Clothing

Career Entries: Bawd, Brickburner, Butcher, Camp Thrall, Cartographer, Fisherman, Farmer, Forester, Servant, Tradesman, Whaler.

Career Exits: Conscript, Sellsword, Scribe, Smuggler, Tradesman.


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