The position of a mediator is often held by a lucky peasant, a kindly member of the clergy, or a particularly low-ranking Noble. The job of a mediator is to handle the issues between those who work the fiefs and freeholds and those who reap the benefits of the fief. Without a mediator, people tend to be beaten or lynched and the resources taken regardless. Mediators are also chosen to mediate disputes between families and villages and are generally tasked with the arduous task of “keeping the peace” between the classes.

Main Profile
WS: -
BS: -
S: -
T: -
Ag: -
Int: +10
WP: +10
Fel: +10
Secondary Profile
A: -
W: +2

Skills: Animal Care, Charm, Common Knowledge (Region of Origin), Evaluate, Gossip, Haggle, Intimidate, Perception.

Talents: Dealmaker, Public Speaking, Seasoned Traveller, Suave

Trappings: A young healthy lamb, or a fat and healthy pig. Tankard, lovingly-made Tunic.

Career Entries: Hunter, Farmer, Initiate, Man-at-Arms, Peasant, Rogue

Career Exits: Demagogue, Man-at-Arms, Rogue, Village Elder

Note: Any Noble or Clergyman who enters this career is likely to never properly advance in their chosen field of high status and sophistication. A Noble loses his ability to demand goods should he choose this career, but he will instead gain a +5 bonus to any interactions with the Peasantry for being known “not a complete prick”.


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