Wondrously with iron.
Bright were their halls, many the baths,
High the gables, great the joyful noise,
Many the mead-hall full of pleasures.
Until fate the mighty overturned it all.

The Race of Man consists of three racial stocks. The Baellig, the Wildermen of Klakinn and the Nakaat.

Baelligs are of fair skin and curly hair of red or gold, of tall height and broadness. Men favor beards and women keep their hair long over the ears to help conserve heat. Most Freemen hold thralls to work their fields, and most thralls have plans of working their way out of slavery either by coin or through joining a Freemen or Boendr’s army as conscripts. The Boendr hold halls and castles, adhering to no one but the Gods and occasionally a king who can raise a large army or to whom they are oathbound. The Baelligs worship their ancestors and the Old Gods, though some have converted to newer faiths and personality cults. All pay heed to the Norn, or at the very least do not scorn them, lest they wish to have fate conspire against them.

The Klakinn Wildermen take on much of the same stock as the Baelligs, but they are generally taller, with muscles that are bound around their arms and chests like ropes rather than the more barrel-shape of Baellig warriors. Wildermen exist as raiders, skirmishing against the Naakat and the Baelligs for land, titles, and glory. Their hair is usually of deep, fiery red and their eyes of emerald green. They speak their own language, the Wildertongue, which is considered guttural and shrill. The Wildermen have a minor emulation of Baellig society, with thralls, warriors (freemen), and Chiefs (Boendr). Their Vikti are known as the Wyrd, and they are greatly feared for their knowledge of things that need not be known.

The Nakaat are short, long-limbed, and compactly built. Their skin is ruddy and their eyes small, black and silver hair is thick as cord and grows long and straight. They inhabit the more desolate regions of Baelland, raiding small villages and fiefs to get what supplies they cannot make for themselves. Baelligs society is ruled by it’s Seers who watch the Sun and Moon and worship them as a pair of married gods. The Nakaat are a nomadic people with little room for proper thralls. Nakaat do not follow the same social strata as the Baelligs or the Wildermen. When choosing a social caste for a Nakaat, pick either Vikti or Freemen to represent a Seer or a Rider.

Starting Social Castes. Roll 1d100
1-45: Thrall – A decent population of Baelligs and Wildermen are thralls.
46-51: Vikti – Baelligs and Wildermen who are skilled in the Arts and Scientists are uncommon.
52-93: Freemen – A large proportion of Men are free, often owning other thralls.
94-100: Boendr – Though few achieve such great heights, more do so than any other race. Wildermen Boendr are called Chiefs, they cannot have a Hall of the Highborn as a starting talent.

Starting Statistics
WS: 20+2d10
BS: 20+2d10
S: 20+2d10
T: 20+2d10
Ag: 20+2d10
Int: 20+2d10
WP: 20+2d10
Fel: 20+2d10
Attacks: 1
Wounds: 1d10. Results:(1-3: 10, 4-6: 11, 7-9: 12, 10: 13).
Strength Bonus: Equal to first digit of Strength.
Toughness Bonus: Equal to first digit of Toughness.
Movement: 4

Starting Skills: Check your Region of Origin.

Starting Talents: 2 Random Talents.

Flaws of Man: Bound to the Bottle, Childhood Disease, Craven, Crippled, Cruel Insanity, Cursed, Debted, Disturbing Habit, Dullard, Eunuch, Fat, Fear, Feeble, Frail, Forgetful, Furious, Haughty, Honor-Bound, Ignoble, Impaired Senses, Inept, Lascivious, Marked, Maimed, Mute, Naive, Nemesis, Outcast, Poor Health, Reviled, Sickly, Supreme Arrogance, Threatening.



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