Size: Medium
Walls: Wood and stone, with many many gates.
Layout: Well-planned and gridlike

Famous For: It’s Abbey, Dogs, and Bread.
Nearest Tavern: Hard to find but known as The Lonely Moon.

Guards: Lawful unto themselves.
Locals: Welcoming.
Crime: Moderate.
Economic Base: Farming
Main Crop: Oats
Economy: below average but stable

Government: Council of Boendr, House-Jarl Skadi Ulfsark.
Major Influence: Guilds
Corruption: Somewhat above average.

Religious Influence: Strong (Fool in the Moon, Whore-Mother, King of All-Rats)

Streets: Full of stray dogs and rapscallion children.
Buildings: Have carvings of Old Baeloc runes on the doors.

Kulum is a fine and safe town on the edge of a river, famous for it’s many breeds of dogs and it’s many types of bread. It’s well maintained by the Council of Boendr, most of whom are made up from former Freemen who ascended to becoming Guildmasters. Guilds run the city, the markets are packed with a variety of merchants who specialize in all manner of strange goods. The Guilds in turn are run by Ulsark’s personal army of sellswords and bondsmen who keep the Wildermen out of Falderland. Dogs are also commonly sold trade commodity, and dog fights are a common form of entertainment for locals when they aren’t protecting their walls.

The religious presence is strong, but hardly preachy. The Cult of the Moon maintain an Abbey famous for medical advancements and surgical procedures, and the Whore-Mother has at least two brothels in her name. The King of All-Rats greatly influences both the Guards and the Houndmaster’s Guild, and the city is all the better for it. Sickness and disease is greatly down.

Due to many on the Council of Boendr seeking to strengthen their wealth, the local economy has fallen slightly. House-Jarl Ulfsark has attempted to curb this decline but has yet to succeed.


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