Religion has the power to move mountains and send thousand screaming to their deaths as easily as it has the power to bring safety to a new born babe or valor to a host of warriors on their way to conquest. It takes great dedication to be considered a true priest, and the Initiates are those who are on their way to entering the priesthood of their faith but have not yet taken their oaths. They undergo harsh instruction under strict and distant educators until they have grasped the finer concepts of their god’s will. They are taught to write, to read, to study ancient scripture and once they have mastered such arts they are given the privilege to preach the words of the Gods.

Note: As an Initiate you must decide who your patron God is and what church you serve. Your choice gives you another skill or talent, as detailed in Church Skills and Talents entry of the Religions and Faiths page.

Skills: Academic Knowledge (Astronomy or History), Academic Knowledge (Theology), Charm, Heal, Perception, Read/Write, Speak Secret Language (Old Baeloc) or Speak Language (Wildertongue).

Talents: Lightning Reflexes or Very Strong, Public Speaking, Suave or Warrior Born

Trappings: Religious Symbol, Crude Robes.

Career Entries: Beggar, Hedge Mage, Scribe, Student, Pilgrim, Whore, Zealot.

Career Exits: Abbot, Hedge Mage, Friar, Illuminator, Priest, Scribe, Siethman, Zealot.


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