The Felcades are an area located in eastern Baelland, north of Falderland and Klakinn. It is home to the dour and allegedly dragonslaying bloodlines of the Felcadian people as well as also being home to the Great Wyrm, Gorgamoth. Though there is no true capital in this region, it is home to several city-states ruled over by Boendr-Jarls who can claim power and dominion due to ancient deeds and the still hanging trophies of their ancestors.

Old troll, fomor, and dragon-cult ruins are strewn across the countryside and the Wildermen of Klakinn wait just beyond the southern border, striking occasionally for food and resources. Climate-wise, the Felcades are the least pleasant of the eastern regions. It’s colder than Falderland or Klakinn, less majestic than the violet peaks of Naakat, and more crowded than any of them – with most of the crowd being roving warbands of mercenaries fighting for age old lands or against an equally large population of old nightmarish creatures who have yet to receed back into the shadows.

Most travelers avoid this region, and for good reason. The dangers of this icy land with few fertile fields, frozen snow-covered lakes, and roving monsters and sellswords do not give much appeal. The only reason anyone would want to visit the Felcades is if they were glory-hounds hoping to find their fortune in bloodshed and deed — a prospect which has led many to their deaths.

Known Locations: Bjornsgrob.
Known Rumors: None, Currently.


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