The central region of Baelland is known as Falderland, and it was once the most prominent region of the Old Kingdom. It is similar to other heavily forested regions during wintertime, except that winter here allows the snow to stay at least a foot on the ground all year round. The trees are tall and thick; the pine needles and crisp, clean air produce a pleasant scent, the snow leaves the ground clean and fresh, and the hills themselves are high enough for decent elevation but low enough and gradual enough to be easily climbed.

The race of Man live here in the ruins of the old keep of Saewasten, built on a high hill. Though far from it’s glory days, the keep is protected by a sevenfold league of bondsmen who wear the heraldry of old and who work to assure the “common good”. The leader of Saewasten is a middle aged boendr-Jarl named Felst Skarnpelt, between disputes of the Freemen, Thralls, and bondsmen.

Falderland longs for its glory days to return and often the city of Saewasten funds caravans and colonists to go south and reclaim the wilds of Brackun Vos. Aside from all this wild animals roam the hills, providing plenty of meat, fur, and entertainment; whilst darker things creepy in at the borders. It is not an easy land by any stretch, but it is handsome land, fierce, and full of life.

Known Locations: Saewasten.
Known Rumors: None, Currently.


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