General Gear.

General gear and equipment is the catch-all for the miscellaneous things you will need if you are to survive. Though it can be expensive over time and you can’t carry it all on your own person, the more gear you have that can safely carry things, the more goods you can sell and the more coin and services you can afford. Not to mention that the more goods you can carry with you, the longer you can survive out in the wilderness.

Item Price Weight Description
Backpack 15cp 2 lb A leather satchel worn on the back which can hold 50 lbs of goods.
Barrel 35cp 30 lb Can hold 55 gallons of sundries or liquid.
Basket 10cp 1 lb A large basket which can hold 60 lbs of good.
Bedroll 15cp 5 lb A roll of cloth and hay to sleep on.
Bell 40cp 2 lb A fist-sized metal bell.
Blanket, Winter 30 cp 3 lb A thick blanket made of common animal furs.
Bottle 12cp 1 lb A large clay bottle, holds half a gallon of liquid.
Caltrops 1sp 2 lb A bag of four-pronged iron spikes to harm walkers and horses.
Candle 2cp .1 lb A single wax candle which can illuminate a 5 foot area dimly.
Canvas (sq.yd.) 15cp 1 lb A heavy bit of cloth, rough in texture.
Case, Scroll 35cp .5 lb A metal and leather case used to protect parchement.
Chain (10ft) 1sp, 25cp 2 lb Copper or bog iron chain.
Chalk, 1 piece 1cp .1 lb A white, soft stone used to make marks or reduce slippage.
Chest 5sp 25 lb A heavy wooden chest, holds up to 120 lbs and can be locked.
Crowbar 40cp 5 lb A bent metal rod used to open things.
Firewood (per day) 15cp 20 lb Enough wood to make a small campfire for a night.
Fishhook 10cp .1 lb A finely made metal hook.
Fishing net, 25 sq. ft. 3sp, 35cp 5 lb A finely crafted net used to catch large amounts of fish.
Flask 1sp, 5cp .5 lb A metal container which holds a pint of liquid.
Flint and Tinder 5cp .2 lb The basic materials used to easily start a fire.
Grappling Hook 1sp 4 lb A heavy metal hook used with rope for climbing. Rope not included.
Hammer 25cp 2 lb A basic carpentry or smithing hammer.
Ink (1 vial) 1sp .2 lb Ink from berries or squids. Colored inks cost double.
Inkpen 25cp .1 lb A fine avian feather used for writing and illumination.
Jug, Clay 15cp 9 lb A thick clay jug, holds 2 gallons of liquid.
Ladder 10-foot 1sp, 5cp 20 lb A ten foot wooden ladder.
Lamp, Candle 15cp 1 lb A metal lamp used to hold a candle.
Lamp, Oil 35cp 3 lb A lamp that uses oil, illuminates 15 feet around, dimly.
Lock 1sp, 25cp 1 lb A metal lock, better qualities cost more.
Manacles 2sp, 15cp 2 lb Metal shackles used for slave-taking.
Mirror 1sp .5 lb A reflective sheet of metal.
Mug/Tankard, Clay 25 cp 1 lb A large cup that holds 1 pint of liquid and can be closed.
Oil (1-pint flask) 10cp 1 lb Provides enough burning oil for 1 hour.
Parchment (sheet) 9cp .1 lb A sheet of paper.
Pick, Miner’s 35cp 10 lb A pick used for mining and splitting stone.
Pitcher, clay 12 cp 5 lb A pitcher of clay, holds 1 gallon of liquid.
Piton 6 cp .5 lb An iron spike used for mountain climbing or pinning a tent.
Pole, 10-foot 20cp 8 lb A ten foot wooden pole, a 1000 uses.
Pot, iron 5sp 10 lb A large, 10 gallon, iron kettle.
Pouch, belt 5cp .5 lb A belt pouch which can hold 4 lbs of equipment or goods.
Quiver 45cp 2 lb A leather container for up to 45 arrows, worn on the back or across the hips.
Rations, trail (per day) 10 cp 1 lb Basic nuts, grains and herbs. Enough for a day.
Rope, horse hair (50 ft.) 1sp 10 lb A thick, coarse, strong rope.
Sack 15 cp .5 lb A large canvas and leather sack, can hold 40lbs in goods.
Sewing Needle 5cp .1 lb A metal needle, necessary for repairing cloth and leather.
Signet Ring 1 gp .1 lb A ring bearing a house mark.
Sledge 1sp, 5cp 10 lb A sledge hammer, used for breaking stone or pinning tent pitons.
Soap (per lb.) 2sp 1 lb Made of animal fat and other herbs and spices. Makes you not smell bad.
Shovel 10cp 8 lb A metal and wooden spade used for digging.
Spyglass 5gp 1 lb An expensive contraption of crystal and metal.
Tent 1 sp, 5cp 20 lb A fur and canvas tent, basic shelter. Needs at least 4 pitons.
Torch 5cp 1 lb A large stick, topped with oil-soaked rags. Illuminates 10 feet brightly.
Waterskin 3cp 4 lb A leather, wax-sealed pouch used to hold liquid.
Weapon Oil 2sp, 10cp 1 lb A flask of oil used for basic weapon maintenance.
Whetstone 25cp 1 lb A gritty stone used for weapon maintenance.

Transportation Items

Transportation items allow for easier travel, though usually only over roads. Off the road, travel is just as slow as walking and the items can enter a state of disrepair with ease. But you can still carry more with you.

Item Price Weight Description
Cart 5sp 200 lb A cart that can carry up to 500lbs before breaking. Can be dragged slowly by a man or easily by a dray animal.
Rowboat 5sp 100 lb A rowboat, can carry up to 300 lbs.
Sled 2sp 300 lb Waxed and treated wood, able to pulled by animals or a human. Good only over snow and ice, works poor in rough terrain.
Wagon 10sp 400 lb A large wooden wagon, can carry up to 1000 lbs; must be pulled by strong dray animals.


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