Surtr shall kindle,
Fossegrim dwell neath wave,
As Mother’s kind dwindle,
Dauerkin shall slave.
Who doth have bore
From Man’s whore,
Nor know aright
Their use and might,
O’er life will thee
Ne’er master be.

The Dauerkul have existed for a long time, though they only came to appear in large numbers after the Silver Blight. The Dauerkul are born from the wombs of human women, but they emerge still and cold. Before the body can be buried, the stillborn child may awaken into a Dauerkul, after which it tends to be abandoned or killed so the family does not have to deal with such a disturbing blight living in their homes. The Dauerkul can live to be around 60, after which they tend to bloat up and secrete a smell which attracts rats. The Dauerkul do not like rats. Though treated with suspicion and disgust by humanity at large, the Dauerkul are renowned for their ability to construct basic fortifications from scrap and refuse as well as their ability to eat the most rotting and spoiled of foods without sickness. Though they have no true cities of their own, Dauerkul are often placed in city ghettos so that they can be more easily watched. They form communities and families in these hostile places, and these social organizations can best be compared to criminal families.

Starting Social Castes. Roll 1d100
1-85: Thrall – Most Dauerkul find themselves as Thralls.
86-90: Vikti – The rare Dauerkul is deemed worthy of study or fate smiling upon them.
91-99: Freemen – The occasional Dauerkul has won his right to be free. He often buys Dauerkul thralls.
100: Boendr – This would be a historical thing.

Starting Statistics
WS: 20+2d10
BS: 10+2d10
S: 10+2d10
T: 30+2d10
Ag: 30+2d10
Int: 20+2d10
WP: 20+2d10
Fel: 10+2d10
Attacks: 1
Wounds: 1d10. Results:(1-3: 8, 4-6: 9, 7-9: 10, 10: 11)
Strength Bonus: Equal to first digit of Strength.
Toughness Bonus: Equal to first digit of Toughness.
Movement: 4

Starting Skills: Common Knowledge (Plagues), Gossip, Speak Language (Baellig), Trade (Cook or Mason).

Starting Talents:
Night Vision – You can see extremely well in natural darkness up to 30 yards. This talent does not work in total darkness and requires at least starlight equivalence to function.
Resistance to Disease – Due to your foul birth you gain a +10% bonus on Toughness test to resist Diseases.
Streetwise – You know how to get by on the streets. You gain a +10 bonus to Charm and Gossip when dealing with the criminal underworld.

Flaws of the Dauerkul: Bound to the Bottle, Craven, Crippled, Cruel Insanity, Cursed, Debted, Disturbing Habit, Dullard, Fat, Fear, Feeble, Frail, Forgetful, Furious, Haughty, Honor-Bound, Ignoble, Impaired Senses, Inept, Lascivious, Marked, Maimed, Mute, Naive, Nemesis, Outcast, Poor Health, Reviled, Sickly, Supreme Arrogance, Threatening.



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