Cenobites live in communities, generally called monasteries, and follow the advice of a leader. The leader is often charismatic but very much insane. At the very least, they are fanatical followers of a drastically different version of any number of very common faiths. Most Cenobites are Baellings; members of other races rarely show much interest, though most monasteries would admit them if they asked. Unwanted children are sometimes left on the doorsteps of these monasteries. Those who do not run away are accepted as Cenobites.

Most run away.

Optional: It is possible for those who seek to purify mind and body to volunteer to become cenobites, even though most are raised in the role. The cenobite career may be entered by any who wish to take a more self-destructive route than that of the Pilgrim or Penitent

Main Profile
WS: +5
BS: -
S: +5
T: +10
Ag: -
WP: +10
Fel: +5
Secondary Profile
A: -
W: +2

Skills: Academic Knowledge (Theology), Blather, Common Knowledge (Religion), Heal, Perception, Torture.

Talents: Hardy, Resistance to Poison, Stout-hearted, Strong-minded

Trappings: Filthy Loincloth, tunic, 1d10 flagellation scars upon your back.

Career Entries: None

Career Exits: Outlaw, Penitent, Pilgrim, Servant, Vagabond


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