The Boendr are the ruling class of Baelland. They wield the power, they control the land, and they make the laws. The most important Boendr families depend on the region, but all carry a great deal of clout and self-importance, regardless of it is earned or not. There are hundreds of minor noble houses and they all vie for more money and more power. Some seek fortunes in war, others in business or the politics of the realms. None, however, would ever sully themselves by practicing a common trade. The most contemptible of Boendr do nothing at all, merely living off their family wealth and attending endless parties, feasts, and balls. The younger members of Boendr houses do not have it so easy, as inheritance goes to the eldest and most deserving, so the youngest must make their own in the world, even if that means working amongst freemen and thralls to make their glory.

Main Profile
WS: +10
BS: +5
S: -
T: -
Ag: +5
Int: +5
WP: +5
Fel: +10
Secondary Profile
A: -
W: +2

Skills: Blather or Command, Common Knowledge (Region of Origin), Consume Alcohol or Performer (Musician), Charm, Gamble or Gossip, Read/Write, Ride, Speak Language (Baellig or Wildertongue).

Talents: Etiquette, Luck or Public Speaking, Savvy or Specialist Weapon (Fencing), Schemer or
Specialist Weapon (Parrying)

Trappings: Tempered Hand-Axe, Balanced Short-sword with Golden Hilt, Lordly Gambeson with Fur-Trimming and Cloak, Riding Horse with Saddle and Harness, House Colors on either a Study Shield or Banner, 1d10 gold coins, Jewellery worth 6d10 gold coins.

Career Entries: Marauder, Sellsword, Bondsman, Freeholder, Merchant, Cadet, Steward.

Career Exits: Ambassador, Merchant, Politician, Rogue, Cadet, Student, Merchant Prince.

Note: Any character can become a Boendr provided they are granted a title and colors by a greater Boendr than them, such as the head of a House or a King. Or manage to dethrone a Boendr, take his house, and earn the acceptance of the dethroned boendr’s betters. In addition, a character with the Boendr social caste can take this career at any time for only 50xp.


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