Beggars are society’s outcasts, desperate people with no visible means of support. They are drawn to the towns and cities, for the only way they can keep themselves from starving is to beg in the streets. This is a hazardous business, since most towns allow the town watch to beat, brand and throw vagabonds into the stocks almost as they please. The beggar accepts these risks as an occupational hazard, and often becomes highly skilled in the art of extracting money from passers-by; some play on pity, while others offer blessings or threaten curses in order to fill their begging-bowls. In some of the larger cities, the beggars have organized themselves into a semi-legitimate network of thieves and cheats, which deals with the allocation of pitches, the diverting of official attention and the suppression of amateur or other beggars who are not in their ranks.

Main Profile
WS: +10
BS: +10
S: -
T: +10
Ag: -
Int: -
WP: -
Fel: -
Secondary Profile
A: -
W: +3

Skills: Blather or Charm, Concealment, Consume Alcohol, Secret Language (Thieves’ Cant), Secret Signs (Thief), Silent Move.

Talents: Alley Cat or Very Resilient, Hardy or Streetwise, Resistance to Disease

Trappings: Heavy Stick (Chipped quality Hand Weapon), Tattered sack cloth clothing, Begging bowl, Quart of poor quality rotgut.

Career Entries: Anyone with no funds and Property may enter this career for 50xp

Career Exits: Bodyguard, Camp Thrall, Pilgrim.


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