Despite the better workings of more puritanical lords and certain members of the clergy’s upper echelons, the cities of Baelland are often filled to the brim with illegal and immoral establishments. Prostitutes, dealers of drugs and other addictive substances; beings who must often hide in plain sight if they are to maintain in business. To that end, comes the Bawd, the man who knows where the den of opiates are located and which whores are cleanest. A reliable source of information on that which is filthy. The Bawd is renown for his fleetness of foot, his ability to win friends over a drink, and a willingness to beat the tar out of anyone who cross him or his employers.

Main Profile
WS: +10
BS: +10
S: -
T: -
Ag: +10
Int: -
WP: -
Fel: +10
Secondary Profile
A: -
W: +2

Skills: Common Knowledge (Underworld), Secret Language (Thieves’ Cant), Gamble or Secret Signs (Thief), Gossip, Haggle, Consume Alcohol.

Talents: Dealmaker or Etiquette, Street Fighter, Streetwise or Fleet of Foot.

Trappings: Chipped Dagger, Crude Leather Jack, Tankard, 5 silver coins.

Career Entries: Apothecary, Merchant, Boendr, Whore, Student.

Career Exits: Bodyguard, Sellsword, Prisoner, Merchant, Whore


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