Melee Weapons

Melee weapons use the Weapon Skill and your Strength Bonus. Roll under your WS to see if you hit, if you hit roll the damage using the dice listed for your weapon + the first digit of your Strength Bonus. Piercing Weapons can bypass Armor Points for a certain amount, Bludgeoning Weapons can knock the enemy unconscious if you deal half his wounds in damage (or deal full damage to his head), Slashing Weapons can cause Bleeding if you roll to do full damage. Two-Handed Weapons have to be used with both hands, denying the use of a shield. Reach Weapons can attack enemies more than 1 yard away from them.

Weapon Damage Penetration Price Weight Type
Unarmed Strike 1d2 +SB N/A N/A N/A Bludgeoning
Dagger 1d3 +SB 2/Cloth 1/Light 25cp 1 lb Piercing, Slashing
Club 1d4 +SB N/A 10cp 3 lbs Bludgeoning
Warhammer 1d8 +SB N/A 5sp 8 lbs Bludgeoning, Two-Handed
Shortspear 1d4 +SB 2/All 15cp 5 lbs Piercing, Reach (2 Yards)
Longspear 1d6 +SB 2/All 2sp 9 lbs Piercing, Reach (3 Yards), Two-Handed
Handaxe 1d4 +SB 1/All 5sp 3 lbs Slashing
Battleaxe 1d6 +SB 2/All 8sp 6 lbs Slashing
Greatclub 1d6 +SB N/A 2sp 12 lbs Bludgeoning, Two-Handed
Shortsword 1d4 +SB 2/Cloth 1/Light 18cp 3 lbs Piercing, Slashing
Longsword 1d6 +SB 2/Cloth 1/Light 5sp 6 lbs Piercing, Slashing
Shield 1d3 +SB N/A As Armor As Armor Bludgeoning
Spiked Shield 1d4 + SB 1/All As Armor As Armor Bludgeoning, Piercing

Ranged Weapons

Ranged Weapons use your Ballistics Skill and for certain ones, also your Strength Bonus. Most Ranged Weapons cause piercing damage using basic ammunition (see below), though certain special ammo can be used for things like knocking enemies out, poisoning them, or causing infections. Javelins, Spears, Throwing Axes, and a Sling can all be used as melee weapons that do half-damage due to being specifically crafted for ranged combat. Whips and Nets are technically melee weapons that use the ballistic skill due to their reach and special qualities.

Weapon Damage Range/Reload Penetration Price Weight
Bow 1d4 32/Half 2/All, (3/All if Aimed) 15sp 3 lbs
Javelin 1d3 +SB 16/Half 2/All 8sp 2 lbs
Longbow 1d6 30/Full 3/All, (4/All if Aimed) 30sp 3lbs
Net 4/Full N/A 15sp 6 lbs
Shortbow 1d4 16/Half 2/All (3/All if Aimed) 7sp 2 lbs
Sling 1d3 16/Half N/A 10cp 1 lb
Spear 1d4 +Sb 8/Half 3/All 10sp 3 lbs
Throwing Axe 1d4 8/Half 1/All 5sp 1 lb
Whip 1d2 +SB/2 2/Full N/A 10sp 2 lb
  • Whips allow for a Disarming Action at range, while Nets allow for a Disabling Action at range.
Ammo Effect Price per 20 Weight (Singular/Per 20)
Stones Bludgeoning 5cp .10 lbs / 2 lbs
Arrows Piercing 2sp .15 lbs / 3 lbs
Blunted Arrows Bludgeoning, Piercing 1/2 5sp .20 lbs / 4 lbs
Jagged/Barbed Arrows Slashing, Piercing 15sp .15 lbs / 3 lbs
  • All Ammo is considered Piercing unless otherwise stated. Slashing still causes bleeding and bludgeoning can still knock out an opponent. Bludgeoning arrows pierce 1/2 the amount their base weapon allows.


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