Apprentice Runesmith

The art of the Rune is an ancient, lost, and effectively dead art of magic kept alive by few in every region who hone their skill and channel the ley lines into the signs, awaiting some dark future. Each of the five known Master Runesmiths take upon a few apprentices to teach them the fundamentals of the fire, the forge and the old ways. Only the most talented of which can even hope to call themselves an Apprentice Runesmith. The secrets of the art are never written in the tongues and scripts of modern men, choosing only to write in an older and far more dead tongue that some claim to be a bastardized version of the Dvergar script. Apprentices learn these ancient manuscripts as though they were their own names, and such training requires patience, persistence, and a mind open to the old ways.

Apprentice Runesmiths will leave their masters during their apprenticeship to seek out lost places and to find a rune not written in their tomes to make their own mark.

Main Profile
WS: +5
BS: -
S: +5
T: -
Ag: -
Int: +10
WP: +15
Fel: -
Secondary Profile
A: -
W: +2
Mag: +1

Skills: Academic Knowledge (Runes), Evaluate, Perception, Read/Write, Runecraft, Speak Secret Language (Dvergar-bael), Trade (Smith), Trade (Armourer or Weaponsmith)

Talents: Rune (any two with an Inscription Number of 10 or less)

Trappings: Medium Armour (Leather Jack), Trade Tools (Smith’s Hammer, calipers, apron), Dvergar Tome.

Career Entries: Artisan, Runebearer, Scribe, Student

Career Exits: Journeyman Runesmith, Runebearer, Scholar, Scribe. Shieldbreaker

Apprentice Runesmith

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