Apothecaries are members of an old trade from before the shattering of the kingdom and before the kingdom was even a fledgling dream. The Medicine Men of Old Baeloc were an ancient organization of druids, herbalists and shamans who gathered minerals, chemicals, herbs and salts to come up with unguents and balms to apply to infected areas. They crafted scents and smells that would drive away ones ills, and it is due to the deeds of these Medicine Men that Baelland was ever able to be founded as a kingdom. It is also thanks to them that the Silver Blight was able to be held back and driven beyond the southern mountains rather than to consume the north at its leisure. In these modern times, few know true the roots of their practice but the Wildermen who still converse academically in the tongue of Old Baeloc. In cities, the Apothecary deals in poisons, medicines, and balms; though a proper apothecary considers these urban dealers little more than idiots dealing dangerous weapons to foolhardy children.

Apothecaries are often called to adventure so that they may seek out cures and new materials, or to try and discover long lost recipes. Sometimes they adventure to flee a crime or perhaps out of the kindness of their hearts so that they may heal.

Main Profile
WS: -
BS: -
S: -
T: +5
Ag: +5
Int: +10
WP: +10
Fel: +5
Secondary Profile
A: -
W: +2

Skills: Academic Knowledge (Science), Gossip, Haggle, Heal or Prepare Poison, Perception, Read/Write, Secret Language (Old Baeloc), Speak Language (Wildertongue), Trade (Apothecary)

Talents: Etiquette or Resistance to Poison, Suave or Very Resilient

Trappings: Healing Draught, Crude Leather Jerkin, Trade Tools (Apothecary’s Kit)

Career Entries: Alchemist’s Apprentice, Herbalist, Hedge Mage, Student.

Career Exits: Hedge Mage, Artisan, Grave Robber, Merchant, Siethmen, Scholar.


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