Oleg Irongut

Drunken Sellsword


“I lost my leg killing a troll. I lost my arm shoving a blade up a Jotun’s ass. I lost my eye because shut your damn mouth and mind your own bleeding business!” – Oleg Irongut, on privacy.

Oleg Irongut is a Sellsword, of Moderate Strength.
He is 48 years old. He is missing his right arm, leg leg, and right eye.
He is Fat, Bound to the Bottle, and as noted, highly crippled.
Oleg is proficient with an axe.

Oleg adheres to the Norn, and no others.
Oleg always knows of some conflict going on and is a reliable source of information.
Oleg often wishes to join whoever he informs in on the conflict. Due to his highly maimed status, this can be a bit hard. He is not quick to anger unless drunk.

He may have sired a few children out of wedlock.
He wears Medium Armor of Battered and Cracked Quality, and wields a Heavy Black Axe he claims to have gotten from fighting a Troll King.

Oleg hails from Colwick, but due to his life wandering, he can be found most anywhere.


Oleg Irongut

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