Dauerkul Valet


WS: 36
BS: 12
S: 19
T: 42
Ag: 37
Int: 32
WP: 29
Fel: 24 (+5 from Suave, +5 from Purchase)
Wounds: 8

Eunuch (Major) – You’ve been cut. Snip. Snip. So far, nobody but your master is aware of this, and though as a Dauerkul you could never bring an heir into the world anyway; it is sure to be a blotch on your honor if you become a hero.

Blather (Fel) – Kenadie is good at stalling for time, mostly because nobody seems to get him.
Charm (Fel) – Kenadie knows how to manipulate others with his charming whiles.
Common Knowledge (Int) (Plagues) – All Dauerkul learn of the Plagues early in life.
Common Knowledge (Int) (The Sea) – Kenadie is from Colwick, he knows of the sea.
Gossip (Fel) – Kenadie knows how to work people for information and rumors.
Haggle (Fel) – Kenadie is known for arguing people down until he gets a good price.
Perception (Int) – Kenadie has learned to survey and observe his surroundings.
Read/Write (Int) – Kenadie can both read and write.
Speak Language (Int) (Baelig) – Kenadie can speak Baelig.
Search (Int) – Kenadie can find things, he puts forth an effort.
Trade (Cook) – Kenadie can cook, a very useful skill.

Special Rule: You gain a +10% bonus on Common Knowledge (The Sea) Tests that deal with your homeland of Colwick and the surrounding shores.

Dealmaker – You are a slick-talking businessman who can close a deal. You gain + 10 on Evaluate and Haggle Skill Tests.
Etiquette – You are well versed in the social graces of the rich and powerful. You gain a + 10 bonus on Charm and Gossip skills when dealing with the Boendr or anyone of similar social power.
Night Vision – You can see extremely well in natural darkness up to 30 yards. This talent does not work in total darkness and requires at least starlight equivalence to function.
Resistance to Disease – Due to your foul birth you gain a +10% bonus on Toughness test to resist Diseases.
Streetwise – You know how to get by on the streets. You gain a +10 bonus to Charm and Gossip when dealing with the criminal underworld.
Suave – Bjorn gains a +5 bonus to his Fellowship (Already factored in).

Arms & Armor:
Total AP: Arms/Legs/Arms 3/2/1 (Cloth).
Chipped Dagger – A chipped, old, afterbirth stained dagger used on his cord at birth.
Damage – 1d3 +SB, Piercing (Cloth 2, Leather 1).
Weight: .25 lbs.

Sturdy House Tabard – A sturdy linen garment with a fur trim with blue livery depicting a seagull.
AP: Body/Leg 1/1.
Weight: 3 lb.
Special: Depicts the Livery of Skara Skael.

Padded Cloth – A set of thick, padded, sleeved armor.
AP: Body/Leg/Arms 2/1/1.
Weight: 6 lb.

Crude Tunic – (Not Worn) A thin set of linen clothing used to cover yourself up.
AP: Body/Leg 1/1.
Weight: 1 lb.

Total Encumbrance: 9.75/95 lbs

Item Location Worth Weight Description Special
Sturdy House Tabard Worn 20cp 3 lb A sturdy linen garment with a fur trim with blue livery depicting a seagull. N/A
Padded Armor Worn, Under Tabard 25cp 6 lb A set of thick, padded, sleeved armor. N/A
Crude Tunic Satchel 15cp 1 lb A thin set of linen clothing used to cover yourself up. N/A
Balanced Dagger Belt 25cp .25 lb A well crafted iron blade. Piercing, Slashing
Satchel Back 5cp .5 lb A small, crude, leather satchel. Can hold 40lbs of goods.
Sprigs of Mint (2) Satchel 10cp N/A Two wonderful smelling sprigs of mint. Can improve food quality or give a +5 bonus to Charm for one test.

Unarmed Attack – 1d2 + SB, Always Bludgeoning Damage.

Balanced – Balanced weapons are made by talented or basically skilled craftsmen. A Balanced Weapon has +1 to it’s Penetration rating (If applicable). If you roll a 90-100 on your applicable characteristic (WS or BS) and it is a failure, roll a d10. On a 9 it is deemed Crude and on a 10 it is deemed Rusty. A Balanced weapon can be repaired from any other type of weapon, provided it was once Balanced.



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