Brother Ixil

Thurnskine Doomsman


“…The boy killed five rats. He deserves to sit on that throne more than you, Thane.”
- Brother Ixil, a controversial monk.

Brother Ixil is a Doomsman, of Great Intellect.
He is 67 years old. He is a Thurnskine and has large horns like those of a ram.
He is often silent, very blunt, and became a eunuch to join the faith. He is thoroughly marked from many years of wild savagery and many more years crawling through filth to hunt rats.
Brother Ixil wields a gaff with a jagged edge and a tome on plagues.

Brother Ixil adheres to the King of All-Rats, and fears the Norn.
Brother Ixil is a skilled herbalist and source of academic knowledge relating to city planning.
Brother Ixil will not assist those who would use infectious arrows or poisons, considering them an anathema to his religious codex. He will go out of his way to heal those who are poisoned or diseased.

Brother Ixil is a superstitious man.
He wears Yellow Robes of Tattered Quality, and wields a Rusty Gaff he uses only upon those who cause disease to others.

Ixil hails from Brackun Vos, and he wishes to start a crusade to reclaim it from fouler influences. He is wandering around Falderland at this current year.


Brother Ixil

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