Bjornolf Villison

Wilderman Skald


WS: 39 (+ 5 factored in from Warrior-Born)
BS: 29
S: 32 (Strength Bonus is 3)
T: 30
Ag: 30
Int: 40 (+ 5 factored in from Savvy)
WP: 34
Fel: 38 (+ 5 factored in from Suave)

Bound to the Bottle (Minor) – You’re an alcoholic. You must consume at least 1 cup of alcohol a day or take a -5 penalty to your Fellowship due to being an ornery git going through withdrawals.

Furious (Minor) – You have a terrible temper. You must make a Will Power check if any enemy attempts to Intimidate you (or Charm you, depending on your stance on certain things). If you fail this check, you must attempt to make at least an unarmed attack on the enemy.

Nemesis (Major) – You’ve made a dire enemy of Skadi Ulfsark by trying to steal away his bride. You are opposing a legitimate power that will not stop until you die and he hounds you as best he can across the lands. This flaw can be removed if you manage to kill your enemy, all those who would come after you for killing that enemy, or if you kill your enemy and no one learns it was you.

Academic Knowledge (History) (Int) – Bjorn knows of the Old Kingdom’s history due to tribal storytelling.
Blather (Fel) – Bjorn is skilled at confusing his enemies and stalling for time.
Charm (Fel) – Bjorn knows how to manipulate others with his charming whiles.
Common Knowledge (Int) (Felcades) – Bjorn knows the history of his land as well as any Felcadian.
Common Knowledge (Int) (Mythology) – Bjorn knows of the Gods, the Ages, the Mists, et cetera.
Common Knowledge (Int) (Legends) – Bjorn knows the specific legends of his people.
Gossip (Fel) (+ 5 due to being Felcadian) – Bjorn knows how to work people for information and rumors.
Perception (Int) – Bjorn has learned to survey and observe his surroundings.
Performer (Fel) (Singer) – Bjorn shall sing you the songs of his people.
Performer (Fel) (Storyteller) – Bjorn is skilled in the art of verbal oration, specifically telling stories.
Speak Language (Int) (Wildertongue) – Bjorn can speak the Wildertongue.
Speak Language (Int) (Baelig) – Bjorn can speak Baelig.
Ventriloquism (Fel) – Bjorn is skilled at throwing his voice.

Special Rule: You gain a +10% bonus on Common Knowledge (Legends) Tests that deal with the glory of Felcades and it’s dragonslaying children.

Mimic – Bjorn gains a +10 bonus to Performer (Storyteller) Skill Tests, Disguise Skill Tests if the disguise has a verbal component and Speak Language Skill Tests when trying to pass as a native of a specific country.
Public Speaking – Bjorn can affect 10 times as many people when using the Charm skill.
Savvy – Bjorn gains a +5 bonus to his Intelligence (Already factored in).
Suave – Bjorn gains a +5 bonus to his Fellowship (Already factored in).
Warrior-Born – Bjorn gains a +5 bonus to his Weapon Skill (Already factored in).
Wrestling – Bjorn is used to brawling. You can make an unarmed attack with + 10 bonus to Weapon Skill when attempting to grapple. Furthermore, you gain + 10 on grappling Strength Tests.

Arms & Armor:
Total AP: Body 1, Arms 1(2), Legs 1, Head 1.
Balanced Dagger – A finely made bog iron dagger.
Damage – 1d3 + SB (from Quality), Piercing, Slashing (Cloth 2, Leather 1).
Weight: 1 lbs.

Balanced Shortsword – A decent shortsword with just enough weight to it.
Damage – 1d4 + SB (from Quality), Piercing, Slashing (Cloth 2, Leather 1).
Weight: 3 lbs.

Sturdy Wooden Shield – A wooden shield baring faded Felcadian iconography.
AP: Arm 2 (Not Sword-Arm).
Shield Bash – 1d3 +SB, Bludgeoning.
Weight: 5 lbs.

Balanced Longspear – A long wooden spear with a sharp pointed tip..
Damage – 1d6 +SB, Piercing (2/All), Reach (3 Yards), Two-Handed.
Weight: 9 lbs.

Battered Nomad Furs – Well worn winter furs from various creatures, covers the torso, legs and arms.
AP: Body/Leg/Arms 1/1/1.
Weight: 1 lb.
Special: Protection from the Cold (+5 Bonus to Resist Disease Checks from the Cold).

Battered Fur Hat- A ratty, worn-out fur hat.
AP: Head 1.
Weight: .5 lb.
Special: Protection from the Cold (+5 Bonus to Resist Disease Checks from the Cold).

Sturdy Hide Boots- Thick and sturdy deer hide boots.
AP: Legs 1.
Weight: 2 lb.
Special: Protection from the Cold (+5 Bonus to Resist Disease Checks from the Cold).

General Equipment:
Total Encumbrance: 94.1/320 lbs

Item Location Worth Weight Description Special
Sturdy Wooden Shield Arm 25cp 5 lb Bjorn’s Shield. Shield Bash.
Battered Nomad Furs, Boots & Hat Worn 23cp 3.5 lb Bjorn’s clothing. Protection from Cold (+15 altogether).
Longspear Back 2sp 9 lbs A long wooden spear with an iron head. Piercing, Reach (3 Yards), Two-Handed
Dagger Belt 25cp 1 lb A bog iron dagger. Balanced. Slashing, Piercing.
Shortsword Scabbard 18cp 3 lb A bog iron dagger. Balanced. Slashing, Piercing.
Banner Carried, Back 5sp 9 lbs A fine, thick banner with Felcadian and Wilderman iconography. N/A
Illuminated Felcadian Scrolls Carried 10sp 5 lbs Illustrated scrolls depicting Felcadian History. +5 bonus to Common Knowledge (Felcades and Legends) checks.
Silver, 10 Coins Carried, Coin Purse 10sp 1 lb Ten silver coins depicting dragons, crowns, and kings. Worth 10sp
Cheese Sack 1sp 5 lb 5 wheels of cheese. 10 meals worth.
Grain Sack 15cp 15 lb A 15 lb sack of grain Enough food for a meager 30 days.
Vegetables (5) Sack 10cp 2.5 lb Five gritty tubers. 2 days of food.
Jug, Grain Alcohol Jug 15cp 9 lb Two gallons of booze.
Coins, 2sp, 44cp Carried, Coin Purse 2sp 44cp 4.6 lb 2 silver coins and 44 copper coins Worth 2sp 44cp
Chickens Sack, N/A 9cp 14 lbs 1 live chicken, 2 dead chickens. Plenty of food

Trained Mutt – A watchdog, tracker, and companion.

Unarmed Attack – 1d2 + SB, Always Bludgeoning Damage.

Literate – Bjornolf can read Baelig.

Battered/Ragged – This type of armor provides the wearer with the armor rating of the base item -2 (min 1 if applicable). Battered armor and ragged clothing can be repaired to being Tarnished or Crude, on a successful Challenging Craft check with the applicable skills. Suffering half of your wounds in damage or a Critical hit to the area equipped damages this item into being Cracked or Tattered.


Bjornolf Villison is young; in his early twenties with straight, long brown hair he keeps tied back most of the time. He has thick eyebrows, prominent cheekbones, and a broad smile with a beard cut very close on the sides, allowed only to grown down to his chest from his chin and around his mustache. Fairly lean, being a traveling skald he does not eat as much as he’d like on the road, but he eats fairly well when in town. Sufficiently muscled from both combat and constant movement.

Rather hirsute, thick hair on the chest and stomach, long hair on his arms and on the back of his hands. He has bright, shiny green eyes and his grin is missing a few teeth. His pelt is ruddy and tanned, almost sanguine in parts. He’d go on the record as saying he’s well-endowed.

Bjorn was madly in love with a woman named Nixie Ingridsdottir, he met in Kulum when he stopped through. He stayed there longer than was his norm because of her. He wooed her with songs and epic poems, offered her gifts from his travels, making quite a show of himself.

She quickly came to love him too, rejecting his gifts only for the simple love of his ways and wit, rather than material possessions; and more immediately, fear of discovery by her betrothed. While still conflicted on what to do, they were found out and his love’s intended, the Boendr-Jarl Skadi Ulfsark ran him off with a pack of his armed friends and fearsome hounds, not even bothering to challenge him to trial by combat.

As a result, Bjorn has sunk into a depression that has been staved off by heavy drinking. Even still, he’s grown a sore spot for being kicked around, and now has a tendency to react violently if insulted, rather than taking it in stride like he once would.

Bjornolf Villison

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